Security issues of VoIP Technology

VOIP is the most happening development in gsm termination business. VOIP also introduce some security risks. Before installing the VOIP we must carefully read the security problems regarding to that. VOIP is the Conversion of sound into digital signal. It encapsulates the data in IP packet and transport over network. The best examples of implementation of VOIP are voice chat over internet, like MSN, Skype, Push to talk and Slingshot iTalk.

VoIP may perhaps be useful to approximately any voice communications condition, varying from a simple inter-office intercom to complex multi-point environments.

Here we have some applications of VOIP, that where it can be applied more effectively:

  • A network setup of an organization that has many branch offices and wants to reduce costs.
  • It can also be used where we have to communicate between to inter connected offices
  • Another application of VOIP is when we are working with multiple cellular network offices.
  • It can also be used in E-commerce when we are using multi-service applications.
  • It is also used in video conferencing systems.

VoIP Security Issues       

The basic issues in VOIP security is an unauthorized use and transmission medium. Data is totally insecure if an unauthorized user can view it. There are many possibilities of making data harmful for us when it is not secure. Like an unauthorized user can record our data, can modify our calls, can steal our personal information and can use it against us. Anyone can track our calls and extract our personal information. This is just because of implementation flaws. We have insecure server, insecure client and also insecure protocols.

VOIP security is very important in every case because loss of any kind of data can be a big disaster. Suppose we have big company and in our company we are using VOIP system, an ordinary employee listen the confidential call of the manager using VOIP network. It means that he gain all the important information of the company or you can say the confidential information of the company. Now he can use this information in any way, he can give this information to the competitors of our company or can blackmail us.

Solutions for unauthorized use 

  • We must use locked devices. Don’t give extra information on the internet.
  • Patch and secure VOIP servers
  • Try to bring to halt malicious connections to your network
  • Unplug switch ports if you are not using it at that time
  • Apply Sticky MAC
  • Always have a locked protocol
  • Recommend high strength encryption keys
  • Defend both your data and the networks
  • Install hardware and software of VPN
  • Don’t allow employees to dial calls
  • Keep record of all phone calls so you may know if there is any fraud

Benefits of the VOIP technology can be divided into the following four categories:

To begin with it is the advanced application that can be used in any voice communication situation. VOIP can reduce the overall cost by giving low price calls. It uses an integrated infrastructure that makes it simpler for use.


VOIP is established as the future of telephones. Its use is becoming very common but the most important think is that we first look at the security of VOIP. Its Security is critical when designing and maintaining VOIP systems. The traffic should be accommodated by the network. It can be a remarkable development if its data would be secure enough.