Open Source Billing Systems

Stand Alone Billing Software and Systems (in Alphabetical Order)


  • A2BILLING — Open-source CallingCard / VoIP Billing Solution. Includes LCR & LCD, rate-engine, callerID authentication, multi language/currency, postgresql or mysql, a lot of good stuff…
  • AdvancedVoIP Billing softwares for VoIP , Interconnect , ISP , Broadband,WiFi, WiMax, Triple Play and many more
  • Aeolos Call Accounting A CDR reporting and billing tool supporting the Asterisk PBX. Targeted at SOHO and SME Asterisk setups
  • Alaris inVoice — an integrated billing and routing system for wholesale VoIP and SMS traffic combined with powerful rate management and traffic analytic tools (read more…)
  • Alepo VoIP billing software for Cisco, Quintum, Mera, PingTel, GNUGK, SER, Vovida B2BUA
  • Aradial : Aradial VoIP prepaid billing solutions
  • asterBilling is a real time billing software for all asterisk based system. It could be used mainly for hosted callshop solution, or billing for office IP PBX system, like trixbox, freepbx, elastix, pbxinaflash, magiclink…
  • Asterisell open source web application for rating, showing, and billing of VoIP calls
  • ASTPP Open Source VOIP billing solution for asterisk. Also provides, lcr, calling cards, reseller support, etc.
  • AVAVoIP — VoIP BSS/OSS System — A real time billing, taxation, routes provisioning and reporting platform for the Wholesale Carriers, Retail Providers and Enterprise VoIP. Fully supports Calling Cards, Call Shops, Internet Cafes etc. Packaged with Asterisk, YATE and commercial switches to provide low cost scalable turnkey solution.



  • Bicom Systems TELCOware is a provisioning platform that performs billing, CDR, ticketing, accounts, shopping cart, CRM, CSM, and more. TELCOware configures natively with PBXware.
  • Billbery Voip Billing is a full-featured VoIP billing software for retail and wholesale VoIP operators



  • Carrmin is a White Label Wholesale VoIP Billing System based on the Freeswitch which it supports unlimited Resellers, unlimited Customers, unlimited DID numbers, unlimited simultaneous calls and T.38 protocol for faxing. Each Reseller get a Pre-Configured CMS like Joomla which is ready for use. Reseller has admin password of the installation with default template, each customer of resellers use that cms for registrations and buy VoIP Services. CMS interconnect under Secure Connection and Credentials with the main Carrmin System. Owner of the Wholesale VoIP Billing system is responsible to create and activate accounts of each reseller. Carrmin can be customized for other CMSes as well. System supports DDoS and Re-Invite protection.
  • CDRator A/S — ) All-in-one integrated billing and CRM platform.
  • CDR-Stats CDR-Stats is a CDR viewer for Asterisk Call Data Records.
  • Terminus Customer Care & Billing Converged Telecom Billing and Customer Care Solutions for Carriers, Telecom Operators for Any Kind of Service ( Voice, Data, Video, Content, Electricity etc) and Any Kind of Customer (Prepaid, Postpaid, Residential, Corporate, etc.) and any kind of Network.
  • CDRTool
  • CW Radius for Asterisk
  • CallExchange Complete turnkey billing and A-Z termination solution for your VoIP business.
  • Comarch 3arts — Low-cost BSS/OSS/CRM with AAA, billing, charging & policy control.
  • Cyber Hotel management system Incredible advanced Hospitality system able to handle the Phone and Wifi Hotspot system on a very nice and usefull dynamic GUI. Auto unlock phone and generate wifi password on checkin. Include good wake-up feature and clean service can work in prepaid or postpaid mode and print very nice PDF invoice on checkout.
  • Cyneric Fully Integrated Billing Solution Platform. Compatible with: Cisco, Radius, Mera, SIP, SER, Asterisk, Quintum, SNOM, Audiocode.



  • data4voip: Asterisk based Open Source VoIP Billing system.
    • — Multiple currencies
    • — Prepaid or postpaid
    • — Realtime
    • — Least cost routing
    • — Payment gateway
    • — Invoicing system
    • — Multi routing system
  • Asterisk and FreeSwitch based advanced communication solution. Routing, Billing, PBX,IVR menu builder , DID shop , SMS, Callshop, Call center, DID shop , SMS, Calling Cards , Dialers , Softphones flexible API and many more.
  • D-TAC
  • DORETEL Communications, Inc. VoIP Billing Solutions -Calling Card, CallShop, Residential, WholeSale, Termination, GSM, Cisco Hardware & Quintum Hardware Quotes, A-Z Wholesale Traffic, Leasing & Financing Options Available
  • Dynasoft TeleFactura, Telecoms voice and data billing package — Dynasoft has designed TeleFactura, the definitive telecoms billing solution for voice and data service providers such as telecoms and callshop carriers, distributors and any company needing a full-featured solution to effortlessly bill, manage and control the access of their voice and data customers. TeleFactura offers universal compatibility with any text or database CDRs. Cost of the full package is only GBP999. We also offer payment plans, hosted and outsourced service options to mitigate the cost of the investment. Get more information and special offers about our convergent Telecoms BSS OSS voice, data, voip billing, account reconciliation, mediation and call accounting software with QoS analysis, here.
  • Data Tech Labs Radius-based VoIP Billing solutions, prepaid, calling cards, callshop, wholesale, pc-to-phone, phone-to-phone. Software available to purchase, rent or as hosted application. Highly scalable. Traffic exchange solutions.
  • Diameter SIP Application — Open-Source Diameter SIP Application to VoIP Charging connectivity in Next Generation Networks
  • — We offer turn-key billing solution for SIP Termination. We can handle Interstate/Intrastate as well as custom billing rounds such as 1/1, 6/6, 30/30, 60/60. We can do NPA-NXX or Flat Rate. Much more to be added in the near future for features and smart routing mechanisms.
  • Diamondcard Complete VOIP billing solution. Wholesale/retail, call shop, prepaid cards. Integrated with Quintum and Asterisk.



  • EasyITSP Open Source ITSP and Hosted PBX software for Asterisk
  • Emerald Management Suite Commercial — Emerald is a complete management solution combining billing, AAA, CRM, customer self management, resellers, and call/data rating in an integrated suite. VOIP specific features include Voice CDR Rating, RADIUS SIP/HTTP digest authentication, realtime prepaid calling card integration with cisco softswitch.
  • Billing Software:The business software «encoBill» is a complete billing system for telephone providers, municipal utilities, Internet service providers, Voip provider and corporate user groups.
  • EyeBill VoIP Billing solutions — Calling Cards, CallShop, Residential, Corporate (prepaid and postpaid) business models



  • Freeside — Open-source ISP billing, ticketing and automation. Includes support for VoIP/CDR rating and billing. Also see Freeside Internet Services Inc.
  • FTS Billing & Customer Care — FTS express — a scalable and flexible billing, policy control and customer care system wrapped in an appliance for VoIP, ISP, WiMAX, LTE, Broadband, Multi-play, Wireless and more.



  • GENBILL.COM Carrier-grade Telecom Billing solution for Communications Service Providers, Microsoft lync billing, Broadsoft Broadworks billing, Sonus billing, Metaswitch billing



  • Incorpus TeleNetworks Incorpus Offers various rental plans for VoIp softswitch starting from just 50$-250$. Secured with NAT and Firewalls. For details contact us on Skype:- or just visit our website and have a live chat with us
  • IPsmarx Technology. Class 4 and Class 5 VoIP Softswitch with billing, call management, reseller management, online store, IVR menus, smartphone apps and more.
  • ITSPtec Complete mature VOIP Billing System for the major open source telephony engines namely Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Yate and OpenSIPS. Offers Carrier services, calling card, residential, and multi-tenant PBX systems. Hundreds of installations. Includes pre and post paid account management, invoicing, rate plans, special packages, payments, rates, vouchers, CDR reports, billing reports and more!. View percentage profitability on call termination per customer account, daily, weekly and monthly. See * ITSPtec
  • High Performance RADIUS Server Software
  • IVR Technologies, Inc. — IVR Technologies, Inc. is a leading software development company providing a fully integrated SIP based application, media and billing server to next generation networks.
  • IXC Billing Software, Radius protocol based
  • Inovaware Corporation — VOIP-Pro: VOIP billing, rating, provisioning, help desk and customer care solutions. Flexible, scalable and robust architecture for billing voip carriers of all sizes.
  • IPerbill VoIP Billing Solutions : Calling cards, Call back, Call shops, Residential, Corporate, Wholesale A-Z and/or Termination (GSM, E1, SS7), Mobile Operators (MVNO)



  • Janus Systems Providing Prepaid/Postpaid Turnkey Solutions.
  • JeraSoft VoIP Carrier Suite is a complex VoIP solution that includes a Billing System, Routing, Retail and Rates Management modules, CDRs Disputes, Jurisdictional Billing, Plus many other useful implementations.



  • Labyrinth SS7 Solutions and Wholesale VOIP Billing, rate Administration and Reporting.
  • Linux LiveCD VoIP Server SER pre-paid and post-paid mysql billing
  • LogiSense Corporation EngageIP(TM) End to end convergent VoIP billing and OSS software, rating, mediation, provisioning, pre-post paid, dealer/agent management, residential/commercial.



  • MBILLING — VoIP billing server system MagnusBilling is a VoIP Billing server system that brings together the best IP Billing Telephony software in the market, creating a comprehensive, flexible and superior tool. MBilling was made for companies that need freedom to build their own VoIP server. You will be able to chose your termination, giving your business larger flexibility and autonomy.
  • MOR Advanced Billing solution. Retail/Wholesale. For VoIP providers/Call Centers/etc. LiveCD available. Homepage



  • Nektra’s Secure Pin Generator Software to generate and verify phone cards pins using unpredictable codes.



  • OpenRate High performance batch and real time rating engine



  • PBXnBILLING SIP Billing System A stand alone SIP Billing system (or hosted), that includes one time and recurring billing, online ordering, multiple payment gateways, integrated help desk, self management of the account by users, among the core functionality of rates, pre-paid or post-paid model, custom plans per user, automatic invoicing.
  • PortaBilling100 see how to use it with Asterisk: PortaOne Radius Client Add-On
  • PyFreeBilling — Full Open source solution — VoiP billing and advanced routing solution based on FreeSwitch.



  • RCALLSHOP — Sipura/PAP/Quintum VoIP Callshop.
  • Rodopi Software — Integrated billing and provisioning for e-commerce, VoIP, Internet, Triple Play, Prepaid
  • — Full Integrate CallShop for A2billing



  • Streamco Smartswitch — Turnkey solution for Wholesale VoIP/SMS and HLR, Virtual PBX, Calling cards, PC2Phone, SMS bulk sending. Flexible billing and debug options for your NOC. Feature-rich web-cabinet for your customers. 10 years on the market. Supported protocols for telephony: SIP/H323/IAX/SS7/E1/T1, for messaging: SIP/SMPP/HTTP, for HLR: HTTP.
  • SyncSwitch Billing Platform — Offer wide variety of business opportunity- developed by Synchronous ICT
  • SAM Reports by Token — Asterisk Queue And CDR Reports.
  • starShop — Open Source Asterisk callshop software; start your call shop / taxiphone in few hours — Ajax based
  • SVK Software Corp. releases RadiusCat 1.0 RADIUS AAA Billing Software for Quintum Tenors *UNLIMITED BILLING*. Calling Card Platform, generate pins ANI Pre/Post Paid. One price one product.
  • SysMaster VoIP Billing VoIP Billing Platform for Calling Cards, Wholesale VoIP, Broadband VoIP, Callshops, Internet Cafes and more.
  • — Siptar Full Integrate CallShop for A2billing



  • Talking SIP — Turnkey enhanced services with integrated media server and real-time billing engine that supports prepaid, postpaid, flat-rate, multi-tier and packaged minute plans + much more
  • TeleCount
  • Tikal Networks has releases its CBR (Crystal Billing Reporting) provide an intelligence and uncomplicated web interface for billing needs, CBR also offering call activities statistics in clients level and groups level.



  • UniBilling — VoIP Billing Platform. Call back, Calling Cards, Wholesale VoIP, Broadband VoIP, postpaid, prepaid, end-user web registration, reseller portal, paypal e-gold online payment module.



  • Vidanetwork Asterisk Pre-pay, Post-pay, Flat Rate w/ free minutes, multiple billing plans. Web base scalable network management, end user portal
  • Voice Clerk by NG Systems is to charge and limit the calls of a certain company’s employees, aiming at the optimization of the expenses for phone calls in its inner infrastructure. The system allows collecting and storing information about the committed incoming and outgoing calls, trough the organization, calculating their cost, blocking or notifying the users, who have reached an administratively assigned limit and generating a variety of different reports about the expenses. Unlike the other existing systems on the market today, the incoming data about the calculations is received from the VoIP router, that manages the incoming and outgoing calls (via the RADIUS protocol) or it can be gathered directly from the Call Data Record (CDR) database of Cisco Call Manager™ (CCM).
  • VPSVOIP Payphone Billing, support traditional coin payphones with 12k, 16K, reverse signal and card payphones. Web base tariff setting.
  • VoIP Billing Asterisk — System for billing and routind VoIP traffic and management of customers relations via WWW.
  • Voyced | Voyced is a VoIP (telephone) solution provider with the ambition to grow to becoming one of the main pan-European players with our low-cost, commercial grade IPPBX and VoIP services. We are already present in over a 150+ countries with Standard, Call Center, TollFree and /or UIFN telephone number / DIDs for residential and business users and expanding further. You can make phone calls to anywhere in the world without any extra crossing country border costs as all our clients get the same tariff, no matter where they are located. Quality and flexibility are always most important and now you can have that, wherever you are and for the lowest cost ever. Let us help you and get in touch now! In the end it boils down to the fact that we supply any business with an award winning, commercial grade VoIP solution. A telephony solution that would normally only be available to the big corporations and for a far lower price then you would think possible.



  • WebCDR — Hosted telecom billing (since 1999). Other services include a cloud-based anti-fraud solution, and WebCDR Watchdog for QoS and VoIP monitoring.
  • — Wholesale billing and routing solution for H323 whit GNUGK and Freeradius, Please contact me form more information 150 U$S per week.




  • x164 x164 hosted routing / switching / CDR wholesale / interconnect platform. The main purpose is to pick cheap routes with high quality from carrier offers. x164 is built on carrier-grade software CDRTool, Yate, Freeradius, MySQL, OpenVZ.



  • YBS — High performance call routing and billing software complete with prepaid system, postpaid system, calling card platform and reseller interface of unlimited levels. Built upon highly scalable foundation with efficient routing and billing protocol.
  • YakaVOIP — YakaVOIP is a fully integrated, open-source -NOT FREE-, web-based, user friendly billing and administration interface for Asterisk and Voice-Over-IP. It leverages existing open-source technologies and ecompases 3rd party payment gateways like Paypal, Moneybookers & Google Pay.